What is this software and Why should I use it?

This system is essentially a Landing Page (or Squeeze Page) creation software that is designed specifically for running Amazon product promotions. When you set up a promo with us, you get a Landing Page (a web page with a very specific purpose) that collects and verifies buyers' emails, sends a unique coupon code to each buyer and then directs buyers to your Amazon page.

With this system, you can...
  • set up a Landing Page for your Amazon promo is less than 4 minutes
  • safely distribute your unique, one-time use coupon code to each verified buyer automatically
  • collect buyers' emails so you can follow up and market to them again and again
  • retargets visitors for cheap advertising by installing retargeting and conversion pixel
Selling on Amazon is great (existing traffic, inherent trust, streamlined checkout process,ease of fulfilment, near-zero customer service, etc), but there's one big problem - Amazon doesn't allow you to market to your existing buyers (announcing new products or promotions, for example).

In Amazon's eyes the buyers are their customers, not yours. Amazon masks your buyers' emails so they can screen what you send to them. They only allow you to provide customer service and to solicit unbiased feedback / reviews (according to the TOS).

In other words, you have no control over the communication and you will face dire consequences (selling privilege revoked) if you get caught violating the TOS. This restriction and the possibility of getting punished seriously limit your ability to grow your business.

Running a promo with our Landing Page solves this problem completely, because you get your buyers' true email before they go to Amazon, and this allows you to freely communicate with them later without Amazon spying on you.
Another big issue of running traditional 'dollar-off' promotions on Amazon is you can't really control how many units you give away / discount for. It may not be a problem for big brands, but for us FBA sellers we don't have unlimited inventory. Not having the ability to limit the amount of redemptions for your coupon can be very dangerous.

Here's why - If someone shares your traditional coupon code on Facebook or SlickDeals - bargain hunters can wipe out you entire inventory in a matter of hours leaving you with a hefty fulfilment bill to pay.

The new Claim Code system (single use code for 1 unit of product) is Amazon's answer to this problem, but you have to give 1 unique code to each buyer which can get very time consuming very quickly (imagine giving out 20 codes and having to keep track of them).

Our Landing Page system solves this problem by distributing your unique codes automatically to each verified buyer. So you can still enjoy your day as an FBA seller while running a promo knowing your inventory is safe.

Here is how to create unique claim codes to use with our system.
Here is how it works, from start to finish:
  • You set up a Promotion using our system, upload the claim codes (single use coupon), and get a URL for the Landing Page
  • You then send people to the Landing Page (friends and family, from review groups, Youtube video, FB Ads, Google Ads, or any other traffic source)
  • These potential buyers then enter their email on the Landing Page to get your coupon before heading to your Amazon product page
  • ... and as an added bonus, only people who are serious to buy will enter their email, so you can avoid "cold" traffic dropping your conversion rate (bad for ranking on Amazon)
  • When the promotion ends, you can download the emails we collect for you so you can market to your buyers again and again in the future
General purpose landing page software are usually created for the IM crowd (Internet Marketing). They are usually designed to sell or give away digital goods, like ebooks, free reports, or to ask people to sign up for an event like a webinar (which we rarely do).

These systems often come with hefty monthly fees or yearly commitment. They do give you a lot of bells and whistles (many different templates to choose from) but as a physical product seller these options often cause you to over think about the design which does you no good.

As an Amazon seller you inherit the advantages of the Amazon brand - trust, familiarity, and customer-centric policies. So for an Amazon product promo, all you need is to craft an enticing headline and prepare an irresistible offer on a simple page (against a white background - like Amazon) that gets people interested and hand you their email, as quickly as possible.

In contrast, our software makes the entire process so simple with Amazon centric features - you input your product ASIN, decide how much discount to give, when and how long to run the promo for, how many units at the special price, and boom - your landing page is ready. We import your product title, product images, bullet points, and star rating directly onto the Landing Page - it literally takes 4 minutes to set it up and you're ready to go.
A very important aspect in Landing Page design today is to ensure mobile users can really use it. This is especially important for us Amazon sellers because we often drive external traffic from Facebook - and a lot of Facebook users only use their phone.

We're proud to say our landing page system is completely mobile friendly, as Google says so. You can use this Google Mobile Friendly Tester to check this demo landing page we set up.
Email Deliverability is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a Landing Page system - afterall, we need to be able to reach your buyers' inbox without being flagged as spam, to ensure you get most bang out of your bucks.

Here's what we got: We utilize a world class email infrasturcture, and we carefully configured our servers and messages so that our emails pass all spam filters.

All our emails received 10/10 (perfect score) with Mail Tester (a very extensive spam testing tool).

In addition, we work with Microsoft closely to ensure our emails can get to Hotmail / Outlook / MSN mail boxes (the hardest of all to reach) without ending up in the junk box. We continue to monitor reach and adjust our settings accordingly.
At the moment we only support Amazon.com (the US site) and Amazon.co.uk (the UK site). We may consider adding support for other country, if we receive enough requests from our customers.

How much does this system cost?

We use a credit based system - you purchase promo units, and use the units to activate the promo you set up. It doesn't cost you a dime before you activate a promo. So you can set up a promo and the associated Landing Page for free, until you're ready to drive traffic to it.

The following is what you can do with your promo units:
  • Here are the current prices: 5 units for $25, 10 units for $40, and 20 units for $60. So it's about $3 ~ $5 per promo unit
  • each promo unit lets you run a Landing Page for 3 days (72 hours), and to distribute up to 30 claim codes
  • ... so, for example, if you want to run a promo for 5 days and distribute 50 claim codes, it'll cost you 2 promo units

See the next question for some optional features that cost extra.
At this moment we have a few optional features that cost extra units when you turn them on:
  • Retargeting: Implement retargeting and conversion pixel from Facebook, Perfect Audience or any other similar platforms to get the most out of your promo efforts
  • Auto Responder Integration: automatically saves confirmed buyers' emails to your own auto responder mailing list. Currently supports AWeber, GetResponse, and MailChimp
  • Instant Notification: notifies you instantly via email whenever someone claims your code
Unfortunately, to keep this operation simple, we don't have a payment system in addition to PayPal. PayPal is very secure and protects both you and us, and has very little overhead. You can also generate invoice directly in your PayPal account.
Promo units, including those obtained with redemption codes, expire a year after they are deposited into your account. You can check the expiry dates for your promo units in your Purchase History.

Occasionally we will have special discounts for quick expiring promo units, and for these discounted promo units the expiry date will be noted in your Purchase History as well.
Once you've set up your promo and made all the changes you want to the Landing Page, you need to activate the promo using your promo units (if you have no promo units, an instruction to purchase promo units will be given to you).

Once your promo is activated, it will begin (the Landing Page URL will start working) at the "Start Time" you specified.

This means you can start sending people to the Landing Page to claim your offer.
A promo ends when one of the following conditions is met:
  • it has passed the End Time you specified
  • all claim codes have been claimed

Note: this means a promo can end before the specified End Time (if all claim codes have been claimed), or before all claim codes are claimed (if it has passed the End Time).

When a promo ends, the associated Landing Page will show a 'Promo Ended' notice. You can then download the emails we collected for you during the promo.
At the moment you can't extend a promo beyond its original set date or adding more claim codes once a promo has started. However, you can always make changes to the promo before activating it.
Most of the redemption codes we give out require active promo units already in your account, meaning you have to have purchased at least some promo units from us before. This is the most common reason you cannot redeem a code. Another common reason is each redemption code can only be applied to an account once.

Customer Service / Support

We will have a form set up soon here on this page where you can submit support request. Once we receive a support request, we will add the answer to the FAQ here so that everyone can benefit from it. You'll be notified when our FAQ is updated.

Please understand we do not offer consultation for traffic generation or for any topic unrelated to the software system.