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Selling on Amazon FBA is great - it gets you more traffic than you'll ever need, gives you a great looking site, takes payments and fulfills orders for you automatically. And Amazon removed practically all barriers to online shopping for you, too - with the inherent trust buyers have with Amazon, the free 2-day shipping Prime members enjoy, plus the customer friendly return policy.

But every FBA seller has the same advantages, so how do you stand out and get noticed in a sea of similar products?

To get Amazon to take you seriously and start ranking you higher than others in their search results, you have to run promos (with discount coupon) to jump start sales and get reviews ASAP.

But soon you'll realize there are bumps ahead...

FBA Challenge #1: You Can't Limit the Number of Redemptions for Your Coupon

Once you set up a coupon in Seller Central, you'll realize you have very little control over redemption - because you can't set quantity limits for your coupon.

Why is this a problem? If someone shares your coupon on Facebook or SlickDeals - bargain hunters can wipe out you entire inventory in a matter of hours, leaving you with a hefty fulfilment bill to pay.

So, how do people usually protect their inventory during a promo?

They can reserve inventory by creating a fulfillment order. For example, assuming you have 500 units in stock, you can create a fulfillment order to reserve 480 units, leaving only 20 units available during giveaway. With this method, you shield the 480 units from bargain hunters during promotion.

Amazon used to allow you to do this, even though the feature wasn't designed for this purpose. And as people started abusing this technique to create false scarcity (because it allows you to manipulate stock), Amazon's pissed and is now asking people to report this tactic as a violation to their policies.

So how does Amazon want us to protect our inventory during promotion?

In early 2015, Amazon roll out a new Claim Codes system that allows you to generate single-use, unique codes to control the amount of products you give away. So, if you want to give away only 25 units, you generate 25 codes. And each code you generate expires once it's used. As simple as that.

However, this new system creates a new problem for FBA sellers...

While this new system provides you a very effective solution to protect inventory, it forces you to send out a unique code to each buyer - which can get very time consuming - imagine the process of distributing and tracking more than 20 codes to 20 buyers... You really have better use for your time.

Now, assume that you managed to get some sales and reviews on your own, you'll soon run into another challenge when you want to follow up with your buyers or to get them to come back and buy more (e.g. during off season or slow sales days)...

FBA Challenge #2: Your Buyers Aren't Your Customers (they're Amazon's)

It's common business practice to market to existing customers - e.g. to give loyalty discount or to announce new products - simply because they're more likely to buy from you again than a new customer.

However, Amazon does NOT want you to do this. They mask buyers' emails so everything you send gets logged in their system. If you get caught sending marketing material to your buyers, you run the risk of getting banned forever (it's a violation to their terms of services).

So, what do people usually do?

Amazon has no problems with you including a insert card in the product packaging. So you can ask people to come to your site and register with their email, in exchange for some bonuses like an ebook. But you'll soon realize people don't bother reading the insert, so the uptake for this technique is usually non-existent.

In the end, you still won't grow your own customer's list, even after years of selling on Amazon.

So, How Do We Deal with These Issues Effectively?

To solve the issue that comes with the new Claim Codes system, you need a solution that distributes claim codes to buyers & records who receive the code for you. Ideally, it gives you a web page you can send buyers to and have that web page take care of the whole process automatically.

And to solve the "your buyers aren't your customers" problem, you need to get buyer's contact outside of Amazon, meaning you need to get their email BEFORE they purchase your product. This way, Amazon won't be able to screen what you send to the buyers, so you can safely build a customer's list and market to them again and again in the future.

Now, the good news: I've just built one such system that takes care of both problems for you at once.


Amazon "Building Blocks"
Landing Page System

This system enables you to:

  1. Set up a Landing Page to run product promos in less than 5 min
    • How is this possible? Because we import the title, images and bullets directly into the Landing Page from your Amazon listing
    • All you need to do is to send buyers to the landing page once it's set up
  2. Safely distribute your single-use claim codes without the need to reserve inventory (no more worries of people sharing your coupon publicly)
  3. Collect buyers' emails so you can follow up and market to them without Amazon spying on you
  4. No monthly commitments - you only pay when you run promos

With this system, you don't need a website, you don't need to worry about hosting / programming / web design or anything a FBA seller shouldn't concern him/herself with... and still be able to turn a simple Amazon product promo into a building block for you own e-commerce business. 

In short, you get the following benefits running a promo with this system:

  1. Worry-free promo: your inventory is safe
  2. Customer List building - the beginning of a stable e-commerce business

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